In Full Swing

It’s not just the cruise liners which bring hordes of tourists to Bergen every year, although they certainly play their part.  Hundreds of private craft are now to be found moored in Vågen, the main harbour area in the city.  While many of these are from other areas of Norway, a large number hail from other parts of Europe and further afield.  There are a few Stars and Stripes and Maple Leaves to be seen alongside the Swedes, Germans, Dutch and Danes.  The good weather (mostly) of the last couple of months has certainly encouraged those who can afford to visit prosperous and pricey Norway to do so.  I’m fairly certain none of the boats in these photos costs less than 100 kroner!

A refurbished two-masted sailing ship in Bergen harbour.
All kinds of private vessels tied up alongside the quays in Bergen.
Three deep
Three deep all along the quay.
A myriad of masts reach up into the cotton-wool sky.





24 thoughts on “In Full Swing

      1. in the 70’s … 1 week at a Scout Jamboree and a week with a family in Oslo… the pace of life was fantastic and the people were very laid back.

        There is a Swedish student on my degree course and she just reminds me of the feeling of belonging I felt back then!

        Though I do remember it was expensive for a hot dog lol!


        1. It’s expensive for everything. £10 a pint (if you could buy such a thing – still less than £3 in the Horseshoe I believe!) but I wouldn’t swap it 😀


  1. I love the architecture behind the boats. That is what we are missing here in Canada? Thanks for following my blog. I look forward to reading more of your posts too.


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