Some of the Local Wildlife

A female Mallard amongst the water lilies.
A red squirrel who resolutely refused to come out into the sun.
A bee attracted by the wild irises.
A magpie enjoying a rest at the bridge.



17 thoughts on “Some of the Local Wildlife

  1. The bee is really cool, but i like the duck in the midst of the water lilies most. She has a perplexed look on her face, almost like she is lost in a maze.


    1. She very quickly found her way to open water when I got too close, but there is something inherently comical about ducks and their smiling beaks 😀


  2. OK, you know I love ducks but I’m a huge fan of magpies, too! We don’t get ’em around here so if I want to see one, I have to go to Europe so thanks for sharing!!!


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