Flowers in the Sun

A short detour on my way home from work today was rewarded by the sight of some lovely flowers displaying their amazing colours in the bright afternoon sunshine…

A bright yellow wild Iris by the pond.
A purpley-bluey thingie looking gorgeous under a brilliant sun.
A shocking pink wild rose.
A more delicate shade of pink and some orange inner patterns on these blooms.





15 thoughts on “Flowers in the Sun

  1. Nice shots of the beautiful colors of the blooming flowers. You identified the ones that I know and I like your name for the bluish purple one. (I like making up names for insects and birds.)


      1. Bored? No no…
        I started in b&w when I was analogue photographer, and almost always b&w in my digital camera. So, I’m a b&w photographer. 🙂


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