The Forest Weird

No it’s not some bizarre Norwegian place-name, but rather a collection of photos of some of the more eye-catching or unusual of nature’s creations in the forests in and around Bergen…

“It’s Esmeralda, she loves me!” The Charles Laughton tree.


A fallen tree covered in a wall of moss.
A convoluted tangle of branches.
Performing a pincer action against the sky.
Take a left just before you come to the dead tree.
A dragon looking backwards.








17 thoughts on “The Forest Weird

  1. Oh my!!
    Love these trees!
    Really nice images, well composed and love it in B&W!!
    beautiful trees with personaliity!


      1. I love trees, and especially when I see so beautiful ones as these. The first one… Wow! Nice work also!


  2. I’ve always thought of twisted and gnarled trees as prisons for tortured souls, caught in limbo. Not trying to be morbid-we have a lot of weird trees here because of the almost constant wind, I guess


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