The New Lady in my Life

Despite the title of this post, Mrs Mjollnir can relax (or maybe not!).  The lady in question is my step-daughter’s dog with the very Scottish-sounding name of Bonnie.  She and her mum will be staying with us for a while so in a sense we have a new addition to the family.  Since my step-daughter wasn’t feeling well tonight Mrs Mjollnir and I took her out for a walk around the lake where she seemed to enjoy herself.  These few shots here will introduce you to Bonnie…

The new lady: Bonnie
Close up
10 months old and an absolute cutie.
My better side
Ears up and alert for anything.
Getting to know the locality by having a good nose about in the undergrowth.





22 thoughts on “The New Lady in my Life

  1. So sweet! Our family in Edinburgh also has a Bonnie (golden retriever) and when took her for a walk it seemed every other dog we met was named bonnie (and they were bonnie too!).


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