Bee in the Blue

Taking the camera to work yesterday, just in case, I came across a large bee tucking into the cornflowers around the back of the building, while around the other side the rose I pictured on Monday has really opened out now.  The bee shots are a bit shaky as far as focus is concerned but you’ll get the idea…

A large bee alighted on this cornflower just as I was about to take my first shot.
He was a bit restless so getting the right focus was a bit of a problem.
Not the best focus again but some nice detail on the neatly folded wings.
The white rose from Monday has really come on just two days later.
A closer view of the rose’s petals.


Finally I noticed some small pink flowers which I think are known as ‘Bleeding Hearts’.




27 thoughts on “Bee in the Blue

  1. I really like your exquisite focus and depth of field on the bleeding heart flower and commend your willingness to take on the bee. You captured some nice details of the texture of the bee and its wings. As I am acutely aware, it’s tough to get a great macro shot of a moving subject.


    1. He was a bit difficult to get properly in focus but these were about the best shots I managed. Thanks for your words and continued support. 😀


  2. yes, that is Bleeding Heart. I love the folk names of plants….Bleeding Heart, Lady’s Slipper, Bachelor’s Button, Christ in a Manger, Queen Anne’s Lace, Love in a Mist….there are so many….


    1. Until recently I could barely tell a Giant Sequoia from a Pansy so I’m grateful to fellow bloggers for all their help. Thanks for dropping by and commenting 😀


        1. It’s a fantastic place and in the not too distant future I hope to be able to get further afield and bring some more of it to the blog. Come on over to Norway. Thanks for your support 😀


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