It was Inevitable…

Despite me having views on religion which make Richard Dawkins look like the Pope, I couldn’t help but be completely blown away by the beauty of Notre Dame cathedral during our recent trip to Paris.  This year is the 850th anniversary of the beginning of its construction and it is almost unbelievable to think that a building this magnificent was constructed so long ago without the aid of modern materials, methods and machinery. It truly is an awe-inspiring place which no photos or words can truly do justice to – it really must be experienced in person.  Such a pity it was all wasted on religion!  Oops!

Notre Dame illuminated at night.
Stained Glass
One of the magnificent stained glass windows.
Friezes, arches and windows.
Soaring vaulted ceilings.
Notre Dame
The nave of the incredible Notre Dame.







20 thoughts on “It was Inevitable…

  1. I know what you mean about how on earth they could have built such huge and magnificent buildings without any modern means. It’s truly astonishing!


  2. I know…I feel the same way…such magnificence created such a long time ago in the name of religion. Whatever the reason, the beauty, the artwork, and the mastery cannot be denied.


  3. Seems like we share very similar religious beliefs…. I’d not mind if Richard Dawkins were pope…

    Still, I know what you mean … I’m studied European history in college, and read much about it even before college. When I was in high school — back in the 1980s, I went on The Grand Tour: four weeks, six countries — we missed Norway for some reason. 🙂 All those old, Gothic Cathedrals …. being able to accomplish such stunning architectural achievements with none of today’s technology is a splendid thing to behold, even if I think the money could have been spent in better ways…..

    Lovely shots


    1. Quite agree about the money spent on these things by the church when people were living to thirty if they were lucky and living poverty stricken squalid lives but you can’t argue with the achievements of these architects and masons. Notre Dame was quite simply magnificent. 😀


  4. Beautiful pictures from within the cathedral! We visited Notre Dame a month ago but were stopped at the entrance by the police as a man ( a right-wing activist) had just shot himself at the altar in protest against the newly adopted law legalising gay marriages.


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