Summer by the Lake

Now that summer is here, even in Norway, we’ve been having some fairly warm temperatures and some very welcome sunshine.  Taking a walk round the local lake the other day it was a pleasure to see all the trees in full leaf and the play of the sun between the leaves and branches, the reflections and the renewed liveliness of nature…

Sunlight streams between the trees and perfect reflections along this small creek.
Long shadows lie across the pathways in the evening sunshine.
The strong sun casts long shadows through the woods.
It’s always a pleasure to walk these paths when the trees are in full leaf.
Buttercups are everywhere.
The Herring Gulls seem to be enjoying the weather too.
The final shaded pathway before heading home.







15 thoughts on “Summer by the Lake

    1. Thank you Sarah. It’s just pleasantly warm here just now – not really hot and with some weak sunshine today. We can’t complain though since Bergen’s usual weather is rain and more rain! 😀


  1. Light and shadows are the essence of photography and your photos today go a great job in showcasing those simple elements. I especially like the final one, with the pathway striped by the shadows of the trees, under a beautiful green canopy of leaves.


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