Up on the Ridge

Today brought us some sunny weather but also a fairly sprightly breeze, so it seemed like decent hiking weather.  Mrs Mjollnir and I headed off up to the Gullsteinen Ridge behind the house where I hadn’t been since early April when it was sunny but freezing and icy.  A fairly arduous opening section soon took us up onto the spine of the ridge itself where the going was a bit easier and where we got some fantastic views out over the city, the sea and some of the surrounding islands before coming out into a clearing at the highest point of the ridge (354m/1,162ft) where a cairn marks the top and provides some stunning views…

The sometimes rocky path wends its way through the forest atop the ridge.
The view from part-way up towards the south-west.
Looking west over Lyderhorn to the sea and some of Norway’s 50,000 islands.
South east
Looking south-east towards some distant snowy mountains.
The cairn at the highest point of the ridge with Løvstakken on the right and the Bergen Fjord in the distance.
On the return leg I spotted an ant hitching a lift on a passing beetle.
Time for a last shot of the stunning views.

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