A Parisian Classic

Since my last post was published in response to the Weekly Photo Challenge and took me back to our recent holiday in Paris I thought I might as well continue in the same vein.  Even though I promised  not to publish endless photos of the tourist attractions of Paris I came across this picture which I’d almost forgotten about of Notre Dame cathedral at night.  Despite my initial hesitation in posting this, in hindsight I’ve decided that even though it’s a cliched, hackneyed, everyone -has-one-of-these kinda pic, it still deserves to be published.  Notre Dame is stunning and I must admit I really liked this photo when I saw it.  You can be the judge…

ND by night
Notre Dame, Paris’ fairy tale cathedral, by night.


11 thoughts on “A Parisian Classic

    1. Thank you Tootle. I’ve tried to avoid these kind of ‘Paris’ posts since we came back from there but with yesterday’s ‘curves’ post I couldn’t really avoid seeing many of the photos I took there and it just seemed to fit in with the flow of things. Glad you approve! 😀


  1. Paris is my favourite city after Edinburgh, so I never get bored of seeing beautiful shots of places there I have stood myself. You could do a nice gallery of more of your Paris shots? After all its a shame not to share 🙂


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