The Day the Queen Came to Town

No it’s not the Queen of Norway, but rather the largest ocean liner on the planet, the Queen Mary II.  Named after the original Queen Mary, now permanently berthed at Long Beach, California, USA and built in my home town of Glasgow (Clydebank) back in 1934 in the days when the words ‘Clyde Built’ were a globally recognised term for the best in the world, she arrived today from Hamburg, Germany.

The newer version is currently the largest ocean liner, as opposed to cruise ship, in the world and measures in at an impressive 345m (1,132ft) in length, which makes her longer than the Eiffel Tower is high, with a tonnage of 148,528.  Four massive Rolls Royce engines can propel her along at 30 knots (56km/h) and she can carry 2,620 passengers and 1,253 crew.

Unfortunately the weather in Bergen had reverted to its usual grey, low cloud, but the visit was certainly one of the highlights of the year in a port well-used to visiting cruise ships…

The Queen Mary II berthed in Bergen.
She looms over the port like some leviathan.
Seen from the other side of the harbour she seems immense against the backdrop of the city and its hills.
QMII panorama
A panoramic view including the Puddefjordbroen all the way round to the Queen herself.






21 thoughts on “The Day the Queen Came to Town

  1. It’s supposed to be quite wonderful inside … some day when I’m rich, I want to do the QM2 Around the World Cruise… it’s about 6 months long … costs a couple hundred thousand dollars (for a decent room)…. some day …. for now, though, I’ll just enjoy your nice photos!


    1. Maybe a short cruise somewhere but I don’t fancy being cooped up on a boat (no matter how luxurious) for six months. I’ll have to rely on your reports and photos! 😀


  2. my in-laws live in Ft Lauderdale, Florida, right on Port Everglades. You can sit in front of the house and watch the ships come in and out. When those huge cruise ships come in, they make the hotels they dock next to look tiny


    1. Last Saturday we had four of them here, each bigger than the last! Floating cities they are, but you’d need to pay me to take a cruise on one of them. Not my idea of fun. 😀


  3. So, what’s the difference between and ocean liner and a cruise ship? They look about the same to these uninitiated eyes. They’re both huge, have many levels, and expensive to ride. 🙂


    1. No idea! I suppose it could be that an OL is a super-ferry and CS is a floating hotel without set routes. Just a guess though. Could be interesting to find out! 😀


      1. This thought just came to me. I’m guessing maybe an ocean liner goes from point A to point B, embarking at point A and disembarking at point B. Whereas a cruise ship embarks at point A, goes around in circles and disembarks at point B. How does that sound? 🙂


          1. Very interesting. Thanks for looking that up. What goes around, comes around, with cruise ships starting to be built more like liners and liners disappearing.


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