Faces of Bergen

Sitting down by the Bryggen today with my good friend Shona who is here on holiday I could not but be attracted to the faces which were on display…

Showing off some ancient Viking boat-building skills by the Bryggen
Taking a break from the cruise boat…
Nothing on this Earth will ever stop me loving this girl.  My friend.
Oh please Toots bring that beer to Daddy. I love this girl!





15 thoughts on “Faces of Bergen

  1. That’s a faering, not too different from the dories that have been used for centuries over here.
    Hope you had fun!
    Beer is great.
    Friends are better.
    But–Friends with beer: the best!


  2. My husband the Scandy will love this…a Viking-era taxi. His family is from Denmark mostly, with a Norwegian grandfather from the Guldrandsdal, I think it is…a fjord on the east side of the country. Love the photos…going to have to go find the husband – he’s out howling at the Howler monkeys, get them all excited. Thanks for the wonderful photos.
    On my Way…


    1. Wish you was here. So your mann er en bonder? Apologies for that derogatory term but one has to laugh if one’s wife is a Norwegian! Viva la vida fantastica en Costa Rica 😀


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