Death in the Forest

Walking through the forests of Kanadaskogen yesterday I came across a small but poignant sight.  A tiny blue egg was lying smashed on the ground with blood coating the inside of the broken shell.  I’m assuming this was the result of predation by another creature and while it may have resulted in a grisly end for the chick in the egg it reminds us that this is how nature is.  The death of a small chick has resulted in the continued survival of another creature and we must assume that there were other eggs which will successfully hatch.   A small incident in itself but one which is a microcosm of the struggle of all life…

A tiny eggshell broken and bloodied in the forest.

10 thoughts on “Death in the Forest

  1. Your image is a reminder of the way of nature. I recently took a series of pictures of a lesser black backed gull that had stolen an egg and proceeded to crack it and eat the yolk contents. I only posted a picture of the gull with the egg still intact as I know people don’t like to see unpleasant things, no matter how natural it is.


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