The Greening of Norway

Just two weeks ago all that was to be seen of spring in Bergen was the occasional tiny green leaf and a preponderance of buds.  Today I had my first chance for a quick trip to the local lake and despite the slightly overcast weather all I could see was new, bright green everywhere.  The greens of spring are always so vibrant compared to the darker greens of our conifer forests and really enliven the whole environment.  The improvement in the weather also brought a surprise visitor…

The bridge over the stream to our lake is now surrounded by greenery.
The woods which only two weeks ago were bare branches are now blooming.
The view across the lake is a lot more colourful now.
A rarely seen mandarin duck was a surprise visitor this morning.






34 thoughts on “The Greening of Norway

    1. I shouldn’t like it, but that’s a Scottish/European football (Soccer to you weirdoes in USA!) thing, but I can’t help myself. I love to see the new growth and rebirth of nature even if your favourite colour should be gold/gorgeous! 😀 xxxx


    1. It was maybe less than six weeks ago that that view was all leaden skies and ice so, yes, it’s good to see the newborn green and some sunlight for a change 🙂


  1. Really nice shots… the flowers yesterday were beautiful too! Love the shot of the duck… I’ve never seen/heard of that type of duck… very beautiful.


    1. It’s a native of east asia (Russia/China/Korea) but has become naturalised in western Europe (and apparently in California). There are about 7,000 pairs in Great Britain but I’ve never seen it here before so it’s very unusual in these parts. 🙂


      1. Hah! Maybe later on today. All winter I have been accumulating the bottle recycling and the back yard is now overrun with blue bags filled with stuff that can be returned to the depot. So…laptop lid closed (in a few minutes), sunscreen on and out there to sort, count and then block the van with stuff. I will get some easy-to-spend cash in return. Think I’ll spend it on some stuff that will give me more recycling :>)


      1. I live in NY State now. Started off in Baton Rouge Louisiana, then Virginia….really miss my Mum in the UK, but I have family in France, Australia and Canada…..How long have you been in Bergen?


          1. Haggis ugh! I miss old pubs and winding roads, oh and Ribena. I still have the accent, but my 3 boys who are now in their early 20s are completely americanized. So was Norwegian hard to learn? Love all your photos by the way!


            1. Thanks DC. It isn’t a hard Language to learn but Norway’s such a small country it doesn’t have a fully-developed domestic media (90% of TV progs are in English) and everyone speaks English anyway so opportunities to learn are fewer than in a bigger country but I’m getting there.


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