Les Fleurs de Paris

In the space of just over a week Norway has gone from tentative spring to full-on greening mode.  Sadly though I haven’t been able to enjoy it so far.  Two great days at the weekend were sadly interrupted by the need to work and today has seen a return to the usual Bergen rain.  Hopefully sometime over the next two days or so I’ll be able to get out and about to record some of the changes, but in the meantime I can post some photos that were taken on our last day in Paris when we had the good sense to visit the Jardin des Plantes which had some wonderful flower displays I managed to record.  Not being much of a botanist I have no idea what most of these are so if you can help identify some of them please feel free…

Wonderful colours were everywhere.
Beautiful yellow
Pretty in Pink
Brilliant sun and pink Corona.
Perfect blue







12 thoughts on “Les Fleurs de Paris

    1. We got a zillion pics of Eiffel Tower, ND etc but I’ve tried to keep using the more unusual photos here although the interior of ND will have to be posted at some point! Glad you like them. 😀


  1. Lovely pictures despite the lousy weather. This was a long weekend for us and, yes, the rain started Friday and ended Monday evening. We were better off than Gander (in the central part of Newfoundland) which got–are you ready for this–69 cm of snow between Saturday and Sunday!


    1. Y’gotta larf! Long weekend here too – and amazingly some good weather but guess who had to work 😦 No photography for me then. Apparently it’s supposed to be nice tomorrow but Norwegian weather forecasts are as reliable as Norwegian weather!


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