The Parisian Wildlife

From the heart of a city of twelve million people come some shots that show humans don’t have to screw up the planet for all their fellow creatures, even in this immense metropolis…

New life emerges in the Jardin de Tuileries in the centre of a huge city.
On the wing above the roof of the Sacre Coeur.
A tiny ant defies gravity inside these blooms in the Jardin des Plantes.
This street-wise city dweller even tried to jump up and steal some of my baguette from my hand less than 20 metres from the Champs Elysees.
Seth Brundle hits Paris, Champs Elysees.
“I suppose you think I should be in Seine?”







14 thoughts on “The Parisian Wildlife

  1. Lovely captures! Aye, it is inspiring that some animals and insects are able to adapt and thrive, even in the centre of a great city like Paris. That starling is too funny- they are indeed city-slickers here, too, very intelligent. I love it when they flock in mass here in evenings and sail the skies in union, gorgeous phenomenon. Ha, and the clever duck there is too charming. They stampede over me at one of the little parks here, along with huge legions of honking ibi (ibises) and bill-clanking dinosaur-looking wood-storks. In Miami, it is not surprising to see a gator languidly sunbathing about and every four seconds one catches a glist of a smiling little curly-tailed lizard or a scurrying iguana in the cross-walk. Absolutely grand. Marvelous entry, many cheers,

    Autumn Jade


  2. Thanks for sharing a view of Paris that most of us never see as we meander about from museum to monument, missing the wildlife (and semi-wildlife) around us.


    1. Thanks for that Mike. We did all the touristy stuff too but always took the time to relax and take some time off the beaten track as well. Glad you enjoyed them. 😀


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