Paris Blossoms

Apart from the wonderful architecture, beautiful parks and world-famous monuments, one of the loveliest things about Paris was the fact that most of the trees were in blossom during the few days we were there.  This series of shots shows some of the nicest of them…

Sacre Coeur
Blossoms in the grounds of the Scare Coeur.
Wonderful pink.
Bright green leaves and pink blossoms.
Pale pink behind Notre Dame.
White in front of pink.
Blossoms by the Seine.






19 thoughts on “Paris Blossoms

  1. I love the effect you achieved with the blossoms in front of Notre Dame. The church is immediately recognizable, but our eyes are drawn to the more sharply focused blossoms. Wonderful series of shots.


  2. Absolutely gorgeous. I have a dear friend living there in Paris, it is good to see this view of her world. That shot of the pale pink blooms….stunning, with Notre Dame bleared in the background. Wonderful! Fabulous shots! Cheers,

    Autumn Jade


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