Back from Paris

We got back from Paris very late on Wednesday evening/Thursday morning so yesterday we were just in recovery mode and I spent most of the day downloading zillions of photos.  Images of the landmarks of Paris are of course ten-a-penny so I won’t be boring you with endless shots of the Eiffel Tower etc, but, suffice to say, we had a fabulous few days in the French capital and did indeed visit all the major tourist attractions and most lived up to the hype.  We also enjoyed the pleasures of just wandering through the streets and seeing what would turn up round the corner.  I personally enjoyed the contrast between the fully sprung spring down there and our emerging greenery here in Norway.  With so many parks both large and small Paris really is in her glory in spring with tree-lined streets bedecked in blossoms and the rising temperatures encouraging Parisians and tourists alike to enjoy the cafe-culture the city is so famous for.  The following are a random selection of shots with no theme apart from avoiding most of the usual tourist traps

Almost-tame sparrows on railings near Notre Dame.
Street-sign as art!
Blossoms in the Paris spring.
The crowded narrow streets of the Latin Quarter.
Taking a break from city life.
Beautiful purple flower in the Jardin des Plantes.

23 thoughts on “Back from Paris

    1. Yeah, we’ve got all the predictable ones but they’re for us so I’ll be posting pics unconnected with the usual touristy haunts here (except maybe for Notre Dame interior which was truly sublime). 😀


      1. It’s a great city, indeed. I’ve been there for ten or eleven times now and still I’m impressed by it’s beauty.


    1. Thanks for your kind words, but I must decline the award. No offence intended but I just don’t get involved in the whole awards thing, but thanks again for your thoughts. 😀


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