After the Rain

After a damp start to the day things cleared up a bit this afternoon.  This gave me the opportunity to take a wander round the lake to see what progress we are making with regards to the spring.  Having seen many great pictures recently of  spring in lands to the south of us it makes me realise how far behind most of Europe we are up here.  We appear to be at the same stage as Scotland was a few weeks ago with buds opening up and crocuses and daffodils appearing…

Not exactly a host but this golden daffodil covered in raindrops was a welcome sight – as it was for its little insect visitor.
Keeping up the yellow theme with a lovely rain-covered Crocus.
Rain like jewels on this silvery-green plant.
More raindrops on these white and purple crocuses.




18 thoughts on “After the Rain

  1. Beautiful…if slightly soggy 🙂
    I’ve only been blogging since last August, and seeing the difference in the time the seasons sweep across the globe is really fascinating. Glad to hear you’re catching up with Scotland!


  2. Great job on capturing the water droplets so clearly… it’s not as easy as it looks, to get them to come out that crisp and clear. And, how ’bout that little bug! Looks like a nice spot to stay dry.


    1. Thanks John. Many a photo was taken and discarded for the reasons you mention, but these were OK, and yes, that is a smart wee beastie. 🙂


      1. It was very likely your picture that made me notice but just this morning I passed a stand of daffodils near the downtown. It’s generally coming around. Yesterday it hit 19, today 8 but still sunny and hopefully tomorrow 17. Not bad for us but there’s always that degree of unpredictability–we sometimes have short-lived snowfalls in May.


          1. We had rain until a few hours ago now the sun’s out. Seems to me that our weather patterns are very similar. Do you get icebergs this time of the year? Starting round about now the current tends to bring bergy water from Greenland right past our shores. Does for us the exact opposite to what the gulfstream does for Ireland and England. Makes for some nice sights though between May and June. Also brings the humpback whales, another nice sight.


            1. No bergs this far South plus the tail end of the Gulf Stream comes up from the south past us and curls up to the south of Iceland before it dies out. Warm Ocean currents and Mountains makes south-western Norway a wetter than average Place – a bit like western Scotland. I’ve swapped one rain sodden place for another!


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