Trees Have Lives Too

The continuing poor weather here has made it almost habitual now for me to dig into the archives and drag out some image I didn’t think was worthy of publication first time around, but now that I have discovered how easy it is to transform previously bland images into monochrome, and to manipulate them more than seems to be the case with colour photos, I appear to have been able to create pictures worth publishing whereas before I would’ve condemned them to linger in digital limbo. The feedback from my readers would indicate that you out there in the great Blogoverse share my opinion.  I’ve got a lot to learn about photography in general and processing in particular, but I’m enjoying my self-taught journey of discovery and I hope you are too.  Bear with me …

These guys will keep you on your toes if you take a wrong turn.
“C’mon son, a good shadow requires work.  Listen to your old Dad.”
Venus Dog Trap tree just waiting for his next fix!




17 thoughts on “Trees Have Lives Too

  1. I know trees have lives too…
    I don’t trust people as much as I trust trees.

    Tress also have voices, for those who cares to listen.

    Like your images here, the first one most.


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