Game Over

The grandson was playing football this evening for the kids’ team of our local Club FK Fyllingsdalen, but as soon as the final whistle sounded he decided it was much more fun to clamber about in a tree than discuss the game…

“At least we didn’t lose. Right, I’m going up this tree!”
Much more like it, as the wee man terrorises the opposition defence! Note the natty leg-wear!
Foiled at the last by that big bruiser of a defender!

The wee man keeps his eye on the ball. Champions League here we come!

14 thoughts on “Game Over

        1. I once heard a description of The Ig: The body of a Soviet gymnast and the face of ET’s grandad! I kinda look like that now too (minus the body!). 🙂


          1. That’s a pretty apt description of Mr Pop. He’s sexy from the neck down… although, the photo you use for your Avatar is not quite so ET’s grandad.

            Still think it’s amusing (and rather embarassing) that this whole time I was thinking how much you resembled Iggy.

            Though, I am sorry to hear you resemble ET’s granddad 🙂


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