Spring Yellow in the Rain

Late this afternoon I took advantage of an all-too-rare break in the seemingly endless rain to take a quick trip round the local lake.  Having noticed some crocuses attempting to survive in our northern climes I thought I’d try and capture them with their vibrant yellow petals bedecked in raindrops…

Yellow Pearls. Raindrops on bright yellow crocus petals.
Jewels on yellow.


16 thoughts on “Spring Yellow in the Rain

    1. Thank you Elizabeth. I only had a brief spell to get out and take a snap or two so I’m reasonably happy with the results. Glad you liked them. 🙂


  1. In The Sound of Music, they sing, “Raindrops on roses…these are a few of my favorite things.” If they see your photos, they might have to change the words to “Raindrops on crocus…” Beautiful shots.


      1. We have definitely sprung into Spring this week in Edinburgh, the trees are sprouting little fresh green leaves, and the flowers are all beginning to pop through on the blossom trees 🙂


  2. Beautiful! I’m looking forward to seeing some flowers, or any colours really here in Lillehammer, it’s all still quite gray and dirty outside…


    1. Flowers are starting to appear here along with buds and tiny leaves so we appear to be having what I believe is known in some countries as spring! Thanks for dropping by. 🙂


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