I Need Less Weather

We’re still suffering from some terrible weather here in Bergen.  Today has been nothing but non-stop rain coupled with strong winds which seem to cut like a very cold knife.  I much preferred the recent spell of very cold but settled weather we had recently when wrapping up well meant you could at least go out and get some photos.  I would much rather have some more of this…

Icy and cold but beautiful.
Cloudless skies and sunshine.
The sun shines down over Bryggen.
The beauty of lakes and trees under blue skies.





17 thoughts on “I Need Less Weather

  1. Your photos are just plain beautiful. Bergen sounds chilly. My husband lived with some family in Thisted, Denmark, and said the North Sea didn’t agree with him. He also said if those relatives want a visit, they can visit us in Costa Rica. I think he’s serious. I’d send you some heat parcel post if I could.
    On my Way…


  2. Bergen looks beautiful. But then, so does all of Norway. Someday I’ll visit, but currently I’m less excited due to living in another cold place – Denali National Park, Alaska. Currently it’s below freezing and we have lots of fresh snow on the ground, so I’m jealous of your blue skies and snow-free ground!


    1. Now Alaska’s a place I’d like to visit, but maybe only in the summer month! Similar to Scandinavia I suppose. Thanks for dropping by Kevin. 😀


  3. I like your “Icy and Cold but Beautiful”. We have been in a similar weather situation here in Chicago. Over 8 inches of rain in the month of April this year. It has been a record setter. There is a prediction of sunshine and 60’s this weekend, maybe even 70’s next week. Can’t wait. Thanks for the like of my post “Clearing after the Rain”. I took those pics after the final rain we hope for a few days.


  4. I can’t say we’re expecting anything different in the near future but we’re off to Paris two weeks today and the weather there’s been much better recently so fingers crossed. Thanks for your comments 😀


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