Long Gone

I came across this old guy while going for a quick trip through the forest this afternoon.  I couldn’t help but be fascinated by the lines, washed-out colour and all-round twisted gnarliness…

Bleached out and skeletal – the old tree in the clearing.
Twisted and stretched – like something by Gerald Scarfe.
Some branches look as if they have been melted into these shapes.
Some of the contours have the appearance of solidified lava.
A multitude of differrent textures, contours and colours.





38 thoughts on “Long Gone

  1. I know it probably sounds cliche… but, nature does make its own beauty — not just the sweeping vistas, but, the simple things, like this remarkable old man… we just have to be willing to stop and look. great photos!


  2. I like the way you worked this scene. Something caught you eye, but instead of shooting one photo and walking on, you started working the scene – getting close, getting low and so forth. This simple (yet hard to do) approach will not only develop your eye, but get you photos that go beyond snapshots.

    I encourage you to re-visit this scene and the others you’ve photographed. As your sense of composition matures, you will see things that were not visible to you the first time you were there.


  3. There is a beauty to wood that for some reason , is more easily seen and appreciated in a photograph. Beautiful.


  4. When I looked at your shots I could not help but think of pain. Twisting and bending, the breakage. As someone indicated earlier, I bet this there is a good story in all of this. Thanks for the like of my post “Sunshine and Daffodils”.


  5. You have done a good job of capturing what is not always easy to capture. There is so much character in long dead trees, but try are we may capturing the moment is not easy. Our job is to get images that in the end are taken out of contexts, which leaves us somewhat disappointed. But, if you are like me, you will keep trying.


  6. Good to connect with you again and to enjoy these grainy, gritty textures of ‘an old guy.’ He may be long gone but the photos are very vibrant and strong.


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