A Hike by Svartediket (Part I)

Svartediket is an artificial lake formed in the valley between Ulriken and Fløyen by the creation of a dam and water treatment plant in 1885 and is the main source of drinking water for central Bergen.  As is common here the whole area around the reservoir boasts a multitude of well-maintained pathways ranging from the relatively flat route along the side of the lake to the rougher and more vigorous ascents of both Fløyen and Ulriken.  Various routes can be taken to ascend Fløyen and are very popular with families, serious joggers and even mountain bikers.  Due to failing light I didn’t have time to make the full ascent of Fløyen but I did manage to get a fair way up the path which goes first to a natural tarn in Våkendalen.  This first series of photos covers the first section along the lakeside…

The view from the lakeside pathway back towards the dam and the mouth of the valley.
The pathway leads past the ever changing vistas of the valley such as this knoll with its grove of trees and the peaks of Ulriken visible through the branches.
The slanting spring sun caught the moss on this tree and highlights the rugged peaks behind.
A clear view of the peaks of Ulriken with the frozen lake bottom right.
The frozen lake glows white under the late afternoon sun.






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