Nordnes Park, Bergen

We took a trip today to the Nordnesparken here in Bergen to make the most of the last of the good weather.  The Nordnes peninsula lies right in the heart of the city and separates Vågen, which contains the Bryggen area, from the south eastern part of the harbour area.  This narrow finger of land has a park at its far end which follows the shoreline around the point behind the Bergen Aquarium and has fantastic views out towards the island of Askøy.  The park is home to some very large trees and almost every vantage point has conveniently situated benches for those rare nice days when you can sit in the sun and enjoy the vistas.  It is also home to a rather surprising gift from the city of Seattle.


Nordnes Skole, where my father-in-law received his education.


One of the many benches provided at the best vantage points.


The park is home to some very tall trees.


Sunlight streams through the branches and falls on a carpet of gold.


A totem pole – a gift from Bergen’s sister city Seattle in 1970 to mark the 900th anniversary of the city’s founding. Appropriately it looks out to the West.

4 thoughts on “Nordnes Park, Bergen

    1. Thanks for the compliment – all shots done on the trusty old mobile phone (the wife’s under instructions to get a camera for my birthday!). The totem pole was a bit of a surprise. Just as well it’s not twinned with Glasgow – a huge empty whisky bottle would not be quite so cool…



      1. True and I hope that you get that camera…I’m using my cell as well for it is so easy to have at hand…


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